Neutral Identification 200.4 (B) 2014 CODE CHANGE

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In the 2014 Code we are being asked to identify or group each neutral with each circuit it serves when there are more than one neutral in a conduit , enclosure, box or switchboard.  This is already being enforced in some municipalities based on the safety factor.  As most of you know disconnecting the wrong neutral can lead to burnt out appliances and even fires.  So this is going to be a major change that is going into effect in January.  In some of the installations that I have seen they identified the neutral by numbering them according to the circuit they served. 

If you have multiple circuit in a conduit you will need to identify or group the neutral with the phase conductors it serves.  This is going to take time to do and will also hold up your job if not done properly.


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Till next time be safe work safe, and Happy Thanksgiving from us to you.

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