Low Voltage lights around a pool

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This question has come up several times in the last couple of weeks. How close can I put my low voltage lights near a pool?

Section 680.22,B6 allows us to install LV fixtures closer than 5’ but they have to meet 680.23, A 2  for the type of transformer that is allowed to feed the fixtures.

680.22 B(6) Low-Voltage Luminaires. Listed low-voltage luminaires not requiring grounding, not exceeding the low-voltage contact limit, and supplied by listed transformers or  power supplies that comply with 680.23(A)(2) shall be permitted to be located less than 1.5 m (5 ft.) from the inside walls of the pool.

(2) Transformers and Power Supplies. Transformers and power supplies used for the supply of underwater luminaires, together with the transformer or power supply enclosure, shall be listed for swimming pool and spa use. The transformer or power supply shall incorporate either a transformer of the isolated winding type, with an ungrounded secondary that has a grounded metal barrier between the primary and secondary windings, or one that incorporates an approved system of double insulation between the primary and secondary windings.

LV fixtures at pool

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