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New GFCI requirements for 2011

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The yellow highlighted material below is a new Code change for 2011.  GFCI protection has been expanded to cover other areas that have been shown to have problems.


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Additional GFCI for 2011

Required Outlets

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With the impending adoption of the 2011 NEC I will try to pick out a few changes that will affect the way we wire houses.  The first is minor change but it could have your job fail inspection.  210.52 (A)(4) again is a minor change but could end  you fail an inspection.




As you can see in the picture the outlet on the counter was used to cover the 2’ wall space next to the sliding door.  Under the 2011 NEC you will no longer be able to use the counter outlet to cover the wall space


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With all the new electronic dimmers there seems to be a need for neutral conductors at switch locations.  This new code section in the 2011 NEC requires that if you cannot access a switch box after the installation then a neutral conductors is required to be installed in the box.  If you can access the box after the installation then the neutral will not be required until it is needed.

This is a 2011 code change and will not affect installation being done now but when it is adopted this will be something all the inspectors will be looking for.

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Multi-wire branch circuits

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When sharing the Neutral of a multi-wire branch circuit, the circuit breaker has to be common trip.

Single phase, Three phase circuits now require a 2 pole or three pole circuit breaker.