Required outlet at a Commercial/Industrial service location 210.64

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This is a new requirement in the 2014 Code that has already been amended in the 2017 Code.  In the 2014 it requires a 15 or 20 ampere receptacle

to be installed within 50’ of the service area.  Then in the 2017 Code they amended it so that a receptacle will not be required if the voltage of the service

is above 120 volts to ground for services in and around Electrically driven or controlled irrigation machines or near natural or artificial bodies of water in

articles 675 and 682 .


2017 NEC 210.64 Exception No. 2: Where the service voltage is greater than 120 volts to ground, a receptacle outlet shall not be required for

services dedicated to equipment covered in Articles 675 and 682.

So in the picture below you would have to add a transformer and panel to feed a 120 volt GFCI protected receptacle unless it is a service for equipment

covered in articles 675, and 682..


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