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I don’t know it may be a little close to the ground.

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Picture of the week





Remote Controlled receptacle

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This picture give a whole new meaning to a cut in box or should I say a cut in extension.



This was sent to me by Mike Y of Lake Worth.


Thanks Mike



We are not the only ones that make mistakes

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This one is from a job in WPB a few years back!

If you have a great picture you want to send.  Send me ones you take on the job with a brief description.

Please don’t send ones from the Web.  They may copy rights.




Photo of the week 3/18/2017

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They wondered why they failed!!!!!


Till next time be safe work safe



2014 Code Changes 200.4(B)

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This weeks change comes from Chapter 2, article 200.4(B) identifying neutral conductors.  This change is for all enclosures not just in a panelboard.  So when you run several circuits with neutral through a Junction box remember to identify them, so we know which circuit the serve.






Till the next time be safe work safe



Picture of the week 2/5/2017

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This service was presented to me by an owner builder.  The pipe with the rope is the utility.    How many violations can you spot?




Scroll down for a closer look.












Till next time work safe be safe



Picture for this week 12/17/2016

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This one comes from Lake Worth.  This was just outside of a automotive spray booth.

IMG_0252 IMG_0251

It was feeding a light!

New Product GFCI/AFCI outlet

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During my trip out on Black Friday I found a new product that should help solve some of the problems I have run into out in the field.  The product is a GFCI/AFCI receptacle outlet, both 15 and 20 ampere.  Thought this may help with the problems of, “How do I get AFCI protection there”.  Check out the link below to see this new outlet.




Till next time be safe work safe



Replacement Kits for old panels

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Both Eaton and Square D have retro kits for replacing old panels.  Some of these kits are guts only or the whole panel fitting in an old small space.

See the attached link to Eaton retro kit, I will post the Square D one when I find it.


retro kit


Till next time be safe work safe.



Photo for the week of 11/6/2016

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Found this in Lake Worth.                              Service Change!!!