Picture for this week 5/28/17

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This one comes from Nate in WPB.

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Yes a fan was hanging from this.

Have a safe Memorial Day.

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Picture of the Week 5/14/17

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Nice box!!!!!!!!  Not only was there no box but they use NM cable this was in a Hotel Lobby.

Till next time be safe…….



2014 Code Change 250.68(C)(3) Grounding Electrode Connection

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In the 2014 NEC they are going to allow us to extend the connection from Grounding Electrode (concrete encased electrode)

into a wall or above grade. In the past we could only have the conductor from the rebar extending out from the concrete

encasement, now we can have the rebar extend out from the encasement for a connection.  So this will work when the

town or city will not let you make this connection in the meter can, and you have a main breakers panel as your first means

of disconnect, you bond the neutral to this electrode in the wall near the panel if needed.  As you can see in the picture on the

right the connection has to be accessible.


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I don’t know it may be a little close to the ground.

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Picture of the week





220.12 Electrical Code meets the Energy Code

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Section 220.12 the Lighting load for listed occupancies has a new exception.  It allows us to use the lighting

demands from the energy code as long as they meet the requirements of the exception.



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Remote Controlled receptacle

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This picture give a whole new meaning to a cut in box or should I say a cut in extension.



This was sent to me by Mike Y of Lake Worth.


Thanks Mike



2014 Code Change 422.23 and 422.5

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I’m not sure how we are going to make the GFCI protective device readily accessible at a gas station, would that be to the consumer or the gas station owner.

This is a new change and its not out line considering the condition of some of this equipment.  Maybe the manufactures will start incorporating these devices into

the equipment.




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We are not the only ones that make mistakes

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This one is from a job in WPB a few years back!

If you have a great picture you want to send.  Send me ones you take on the job with a brief description.

Please don’t send ones from the Web.  They may copy rights.





2014 Code Change 230.28 (B)

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This weeks Code change clarifies when you use the service mast as a drop support.  It can not be attached above a coupling if there are no supports above the coupling.  Whether it is above a roof as depicted in the slide below or attached to the side of a building.  If you use the mast for attachment then there has to be adequate mechanical strength to support the drop.



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Photo of the week 3/18/2017

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They wondered why they failed!!!!!


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