Outlet boxes for ceiling fans 314.27 (C) 2011 NEC

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When installing a ceiling box that may be used for a fan, and you install a spare switch leg to that box. Such as 14/3 or 12/3 NM cable, the box shall be listed for support of a fan.  This requirement only applies to single and multi-family dwellings.  The code panel recognized that home owners and/or renters sometimes change out the light fixture and put a fan in its place.  So this requirement will help when this activity is done in a single or multi-family dwelling unit.

110.26 (F) Locked Electrical Equipment Rooms or Enclosures.

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(F) Locked Electrical Equipment Rooms or Enclosures.
Electrical equipment rooms or enclosures housing electrical
apparatus that are controlled by a lock(s) shall be considered
accessible to qualified persons.


The breaker that is mount in a generator enclosure will be considered in compliance with this section only when it has a lock that is controlled with a key, and not an Allen wrench.   When the section was written it did not include an Allen wrench in the standard so it is not part of the code section.

So long as it is controlled by a key it will be incompliance with this section.

Multi-wire branch circuits

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When sharing the Neutral of a multi-wire branch circuit, the circuit breaker has to be common trip.

Single phase, Three phase circuits now require a 2 pole or three pole circuit breaker.


Online Registration

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Online registration for our classes will be here soon. With this new system you will be able to register, reserve, and pay for your seat all from the comfort of your home or office. Please check back soon.