680.22(B)(6) Low Voltage Luminaires New requirement

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This weeks comments comes from a recent inspection where the inspector asked the contractor to show a listing for the fixture that he was using next to a pool, that would meet the requirements of this new Code Section 680.22(B)(6). His request was to show that the two (2) wire fixture did not need grounding.  The fixture was listed as a low voltage luminaire but did not specifically show that it did not need grounding.  The fixture had only two wires and nothing in the manufacturers instructions show grounding the fixture. I asked the contractor if the inspector checked out the type of transformer he used and he said he did not.

The second part of this new section was the use of a transformer that met the requirements of section 680.23(A)(3) which means it is list for use as a pool or spa as a power supply to a fixture. (isolated winding type with an ungrounded secondary that has a grounded metal barrier between primary and secondary or an approved system of double insulation between the primary and secondary windings)  The transformer would also have to have specific low voltage contact limits as laid out in 680.2 definitions. (15 volts (RMS) for sinusoidal ac, 21.2 volts peak for nonsinusoidal ac, 30 volts for continuous dc, and 12.4 volts peak for dc that is interrupted at a rate of 10 to 200 Hz.)

This is a new change which allows us to install Low Voltage lighting right next to a pool, the fixture not being grounded is a requirement of this section but only one of three requirements of this new section, so you have to pay attention to the total section when installing lights next to a pool or spa.  Make sure that you are complying with all the requirements of this section.

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